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With an array of skilled and effective practitioners and therapists, we have scope to bring health and wellness to all people around us.

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Find your place in the space that you live

Health and wellness through being part of something more

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Health and wellness are connected to how we live as part of an interconnected system of life on the planet.

Being here now is true to life in your expression on this planet.

By being involved we stay connected to what is real, which is connected to that which we experince within our human form-What we can see, taste touch, with our own eyes and lives.  Not that which we are told and informed of.

That which we are, we can give of ourselves. 

Nothing more is expected other than for the people around us to be true to themselves.

To celebrate and support the diversity is to realise that we are greater than that which we consider we are.

Who are we to assume to know what it is that we can become together.

… and support our health as a community of individuals living together, caring for each other and providing for each other.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Clearly we're all part of the same thing. I dont know why we consider anything else.
squirrel, rodent, wildlife-7020011.jpg
Mr S. Quirrell
Back of Beyond
Has the world lost the plot? Why don't we all just live in peace? Is it because we've been shown money to be the way? I dont get it... If I look cute, that seems to work.
cat, kitten, pet-6723256.jpg
Push in Boots
From Somewhere else
All I seem to remember is how I used to run about. Now it seems that putting one foot infront of the other is the only way forward. Maybe thats the illusion is that we are moving forward, when really forward is actually all over the place.
labrador retriever, dog, pet-7004193.jpg
Arthur Kingston
Lying on his bed
All that lovely space and it seems that Its slowly been consumed. Lets keep our nature and beauty help and stay close to its truth throughout all this insanity.
kingfisher, bird, branch-7024395.jpg
Mr FisherKind
By the river in Staverton
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